SURREY – In support of Technology Skills Appreciation Week, March 21-25, Surrey-Panorama MLA Marvin Hunt visited several locally based high tech companies that contribute to B.C’s $13 billion industry.

  • Stem Shock – is a programmable non-GMO herbicide platform to aid managers of towns, forests, farms, and parks in their fight against invasive or herbicide-resistant weeds.
  • SunPump – manufactures the SunPump Solar Heat Pump, a unique solution for replacing a boiler, furnace, and hot water tank with a more economical Solar Energy radiant floor and hot water heating system.
  • IMR drywall recycling – IMR is a British Columbia based Canadian company operating a drywall recycling facility that separates and recovers gypsum from waste drywall. The recovered gypsum is processed and used in the manufacture of new construction materials.

“One of the main reasons B.C. has the strongest economic outlook in Canada is because of our diversified economy,” said Hunt. “Our high tech sector is becoming a growing presence worldwide and is already a major employer in British Columbia.”

In January, government released the full #BCTECH Strategy which further supports the growth of B.C.’s vibrant technology sector – throughout the province. The multi-year strategy focuses on three key pillars: access to capital for promising companies, talent development and market access and provides:

  • A $100-million BC Tech Fund to give entrepreneurs and tech startups in every corner of B.C. the opportunity to access the capital they need grow.
  • Initiatives to deepening the technology talent pool by aligning training with the sector’s needs so employers across B.C. have the talent they need.
  • Strategies to make it easier for businesses to find the information and services they need to get their goods and services to new markets, which will drive innovation and productivity across the province.

Quick Facts:

  • The technology sector directly employs more than 86,000 people, and wages for those jobs are 60% higher than B.C.’s industrial average.
  • B.C.’s technology sector is growing faster than the overall economy. In 2013, it grew at a rate of 4.7%, a higher rate than the 3.2% growth observed in the provincial economy.
  • In 2013, the technology sector added $13.9 billion to B.C.’s GDP.
  • B.C.’s 9,000 technology companies combined generated $23.3 billion in revenue in 2013.
  • New technology companies are emerging at increasing rates throughout the province. In 2013, there was an addition of more than 700 new technology companies in B.C., an increase of 8% over the prior year.
  • We are expecting almost one million job openings in B.C. by 2024 due to retirements and economic growth.

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